This is just one of the many jobs that CMR Heating and A/C has performed over the last year.

This is a picture of a older natural gas 3 ton A/C Condenser. 
This was replaced by a new 14.00 SEER Luxaire Condenser
Both units were about the same size so we used the existing pad
to mount the new condenser on.

And this is how you move one of these things. 
The one driving is the owner and the other is the hired help.
Believe us this was no small task.

Make no mistake about it this thing was a heavy one. 
The scrap yard claimed that the condenser alone weighed 850 pounds.

On to the furnaces, and its out with the old...and in with the new..
For this job we installed a 94% Direct Vent High efficiency
2 stage natural gas Luxaire furnace. 


This is like buying a new car, you always have to have a side by side comparison.

Which one would you choose

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