This is just one of the many jobs that CMR Heating and A/C has performed in  the last years.

This job was one of your out of state jobs that we are occasionally asked to perform.

As seen from the pictures this system was in need of some serious work. 
You can get an idea as to the scope of the job by seeing how I stand next to the old units



The light green unit was a oil fired furnace and the dark green unit was a wood burning stove.
Note the modern wiring that is employed with this old installation.
This is the front view of the old equipment, 
Note that the duct work appears to be crooked, well it was.


This is a close-up of the wiring connections. As far as we could tell
this was installed in the early 70's and in a hurry. There was no Romex Connectors 
or safety disconnects in this job.
The picture on the right also shows the house cold air return, It was just a opening in the back of the units
Who needs duct work in an old farm house.



This picture shows the Flue Gas piping. 
Note the use of duct tape on the wood burner vent pipe.

This is the finished product after 2 days of work.
It is always satisfying to see a happy customer and that's what we saw when we
started up the new furnace. Maybe it was the fact that it was 45 degrees in the 
house and she now had heat, but then that's only a hunch

Note that this is a High Efficiency 92% furnace with A/C installed.
The customer wasn't expecting A/C but her children gave her a nice present.

Also as a safety item there is a propane detector mounted against the wall near the floor 
just in case. It's always wise to error on the side of caution when it comes to 
propane gas for heating.


This is the front view of the new furnace, 

Note for this job we used CSST gas line (The yellow line) 
due to the unavailability of any hardware stores within 40 miles 
of where we were installing this furnace.
We had to bring all of the necessary installation material and tools
with us for the job. And we managed to have everything that we needed.
Also note the improved wiring to the furnace complete with a safety 

This is the side view of the new furnace.

Note the additional ductwork for both the cold air return and the additional
ducts through out the house.
For this job we moved 2 upstairs vents, added 4 basement vents, 
added 2 additional upstairs vents, and added a cold air return.
The customer said that the house has never been so comfortable.

This is the remains of the old furnace and all of it's glory.
The new propane tank can be seen in the background.
The big brown blob is the heat exchanger from the old furnace. as far as we can 
tell the shiny parts were the areas where the furnace was glowing red/white hot.
It was clearly evident that this unit was about to melt down on its own.

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