This is just one of the many jobs that CMR Heating and A/C has performed over the last year.

The task was to install all of the necessary steam piping and water piping to create a 
candle factory where one had not existed before. The size of the building was 60 feet by 40 feet.

The below picture is what we started with basically a bare bones building with a exposed ceiling.

One of the first orders of business was to purchase some black iron pipe.
For this we started out with around 1,400 feet of assorted size pipe anywhere 
from 2" diameter to 1/2" diameter. And there was not much of the 3/4" or 1/2" 
pipe for this job.
Notice the larger 6" cross over pipe that is to be used on the boiler, make no mistake
about it, this is one heavy piece of pipe.

For all of this black iron pipe we used a Ridgid 535 pipe threader. We estimate that there are 
around 1,200 threads for the completed job. That calculates out to about 20 hours of threading alone


One of the first steps was to install the overhead steam and water pipes.
These pictures are showing the right hand side where there will be 5 steam kettles and 8 wax molds. 
when we are done


This picture shows the right hand side after the main steam and water lines were installed.
note the steam kettles are set in place but not yet hooked up.

This is another picture showing the main overhead steam lines for the right hand side.
The help in the picture is working on the copper water lines for the molds.
There is over 1,100 feet of water lines with several hundred solder joints to solder
we used over 7 lbs of solder for this part of the job. Plumbers say that an average house will 
use around 2 lbs of solder so it's safe to say that we soldered about 3 houses worth of copper.

This is the finished product of the right hand side showing the installed products.

This is the finished product of the right hand side showing the installed products.

This picture shows the left hand side while it was under construction.
Note the yellow CSST gas line. This is a high pressure (2psi) line @ 1-1/2"
diameter. This was due to the large gas load required by the boiler and the rest of the building.

Since we didn't have any easy way to get the condensate water back to the boiler we 
installed 3 of these condensate return pumps. 
Talk about a lot of additional piping, this job used black iron fittings like there was no tomorrow.

Here we are working on the gas manifold needed to supply the boiler and the rest of 
the building. We created a 2" low pressure manifold with a 1-1/2" supply for the boiler,
1-1/2" supply for the apartment side of the building and a 1" supply for the factory heater.
along with a couple of test ports. Make no mistake this was a large system to install.

Here we are showing the customer supplied boiler as it was delivered.
This boiler needed some repair to make it work but not much. Most of the damage
was cosmetic in nature.
This is a 1,170,000 BTU steam boiler that weighs around 3,000 lbs unassembled.
We used a forklift to set this in place and believe me it's not going to move easily.

This picture is showing the boiler as it was set into place. Notice the crossover pipe 
that was setting on the floor in the earlier pictures. It doesn't appear to be as big in this picture.
The picture on the right is the flue stack and rain cap. this is a 16" diameter flue stack. It too doesn't
look that large when it is affixed on top of the boiler.


The below pictures show a steam tank that can hold in excess of 1 ton of melted wax. 
The picture on the right is of the boss and one of his helpers. For this project we spent in excess of 500 
hours over a period of 3 months to complete this job.
I am happy to say that we completed this task on time and to the customers satisfaction.



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